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About Melanie Radoja

I am a British artist and experienced teacher of Art, Design and Textiles. After university, I worked in the UK fashion industry, designing and creating women and menswear, bridal gowns and knitwear.  I subsequently decided upon a change of career, training as a teacher and have taught for over three decades in the UK, Africa and Europe in international schools.

Having taken early retirement, I plan to spend more time travelling with my husband, seeking further inspiration and turning my experiences into pieces of art on returning home.

About my Work

My work is a celebration of texture, pattern, colour and form. I love finding this is the seemingly mundane; a tiny Beech sapling in the forest, fungus growth on a log, sunlight streaming through leaves on a tree, a curved branch on the forest floor, or an interesting stone or shell. Nature is exciting, but everything has its own beauty. Discarded components of an old computer, bus tickets, used tea bags and plastic bags also feature in my work. My collection of ‘treasures’ include all of these things from around the world and inspire each piece. Sometimes, a creature may emerge from a piece of bark or leaf, a pattern may be formed from observations, or the work may simply showcase a particular texture.

Most of my work is mixed media and often combines techniques to create textured surfaces. Tea bags feature in many of the pieces. They are surprisingly versatile and strong, and paint, or dye mixes with the tea stains to create interesting backgrounds for further working. I use embroidery to embellish, or enhance particular works. This may be a subtle understatement; maybe tracing a line to draw the attention of the eye, or the whole focus of the work.

Quality and fine finish are of prime importance and I strive to achieve polished pieces, whilst exciting the eye of the viewer.

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